About the Blog

This blog was created with the intentions of writing down my thoughts about anything under the sun. From my own ever-lasting journey towards self-introspection to giving my opinion about certain social issues, I believe that through this blog I can have the confidence to get words edgewise, no matter how silly sounding they maybe. And I’ll try to keep them as interesting as possible; I wouldn’t mind having followers and people commenting on my posts!

With this blog, I aim to practice and perfect a skill that I see myself marketing in the future: writing, specifically non-fiction writing. There may be some mistakes along the way I construct my sentences, or failing to get my point across, but I believe mistakes are merely stepping stones towards mastery of a skill. It will be a continuous process of training myself to be a better writer.

Thus, any feedback for my posts or my writing generally is appreciated. I encourage an audience that are free to speak their minds and get their own thoughts across for fair discussions. We live in a wonderfully free world. We should use the best of it!